A Brief Guide for How to Background Search for anyone

Speaking of running a background check on someone makes you look like a lunatic. There is no doubt in that, but the problem is people who critic do not see the big picture. It is not only for professional use, but it can also be for something personal to. Yes, there are many reasons for USA People Search, and you don’t need to clarify them. To help you out, Facebook is used a lot for this purpose. Do not forget other social networks while at it. With this being said, the following is what you need to do to perform a background check.

If You Know the Name

In case, you have the name of your target, the very first place you should search in are venues, the search engines, and social networks. Add Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook in your list. These are all the stepping-stones for finding the important inform about people.
You need to use advanced search tactics when you search for USA People Search on search engines and Google. You have to enclose your search terms in quotation marks because it will eliminate the irrelevant queries. If you are searching for a common name, you need to add additional information. For instance, if a search was needed for “Reno Rodriguez”, more info can be added such as job occupation or area of residence.
Use every bit of info you have for your “TI” (Targeted Individual). This info can be the type of work, the school they attend, type of work, the name of cities they live in and names of other people you know or believe they associate. Moreover, you can use site-specific search if you are trying to find someone within a school or industry.

Search on Social Networks

Social Networks are also helpful for USA People Search. However, it is all self-volunteered. This is one way that these networks are easy for employers. When you share anything with the world, it is not only about you. It is the info you choose to share with the world!

Where Facebook Comes in

Facebook is clearly the indisputable networking standby. As it boasts more than 500 million users, you can search for people by name and email address. You can also improve your research if you add a location, school, and workplace in your query. In the event you do not find anything, the chances are that you friend’s profile is private and unsearchable.


If Facebook does not help you, you can always go to Google for USA People Search. Perform a site-specific search; make it Google Search, Public Pages or Groups. For instance, you cannot see a private Facebook profile on the network, but if you put its username in the search box of Google, you will get valid results. You may see their profile, things they have commented on.
You can also use some dedicated website, which will help you search across Facebook Public Pages, this also covers status updates for search strings you want and find results along with names, profile links and pictures, just what you want in a background check.

Other Social Networks

This sums up LinkedIn and Twitter. Both of these are also worth a look if you want to carry on with USA People Search. LinkedIn may not reveal much info as it is work oriented. However, it is an exceptional to verify resumes and professional history.
Twitter is different from everything else. It does not ask for much info from its users. Moreover, you will find most Twitter accounts from Facebook and LinkedIn pages. It may not be worth a shot, but it can give you a wealth of info. It can give you a good insight into their interest, personality, and even style despite the info you can use to find address or phone number.

Phone Number and Address

After you google the target and discover their pics on Facebook, can you contact them? How can you obtain their phone number or physical address?
Search for a phone number lookup service. You may need to pay for it, but it mostly comes free. So find a server, search your USA People Search target. Narrow down your search by state. Try to find a service, which helps you to find both phone numbers and social security numbers.  The database of such service includes both listed and unlisted numbers. It is a hit or miss when it comes to mobile because who does not have one today?
You can also search for services, which offers free phone number lookup and throws in an address for you boot.  Try to find a service that updates its database from time to time. Avoid the one, which does not list unlisted numbers. It will be in your best interest if you get yourself a premium reverse phone number lookup that will also show you the location of the phone. The location can be phone’s origin, and it will be based on the area code. Beware, not all info you find on such sites is correct.

Criminal and Public Records

Want to know a secret, you will not get any good info free when it comes to USA People Search, you have to sign up and pay up for it. If you do this, then finding a number will be a slight of hand. This can be a little Hippocratic but if it is important to you don’t are what others perceive of this.
So search for a platform that allows you to check on the criminal history of people by name, you can try and narrow down your search by city and state, but these are not needed. The search results include offender’s birth date, address sand what kind of offenses were committed. It will cost you money to see such things and while you are at it, do not forget that minor traffic citations are no something to worry about. 
As for the public record, you need to specify your search what you want to find, marriage record, birth record or death record.  Find a platform, which allows you to access free public records and sites. You can search any record, state, county or zip code there. However, lookout if the site directs you to something irrelevant. If it does so, then you have landed in fraud, and you might get some malware (spyware) on your device.

If You Don’t Know the Target Name

For the sake of variety, let us assume you do not know the name of the person you want of your USA People Search. However, you got some other info such as phone number, email or IP address. So, how can you find him?
Phone Number and Email Address
Most services that provide phone number lookup also offers reverse phone number lookup. In such service, you input a phone number to get info about the person calling you, but this info can be incorrect.
It may come off as a surprise, but the best service for this is Facebook. Sure, you cannot look up to people’s phone number on their wall. However, you can find it at their public wall comments; they might hand it over to some people via comments. Facebook can help you find someone’s phone number and show it in search results.
For email, people search Facebook for an Email address and even if the email never shows up, it affiliates with their profile one or another way. You also need to plug in some numbers and email address is in Google, as people try to slap their email publicly without even noticing the harm it can bring.
User Name and Handle
If you know almost nothing about your USA People Search except for username or handle, it’s not game-over. As long as username or handle is valid, you can find some goo info. You need to use an aggregator, which will search the deep web or parts of the internet which Google won cover. You need something that can search by email, username or phone number. Something, which will crawl The Web and aggregate all search results, which contain your terms so it will be more of one stop shop for all your needs.
Try finding something, which can hunt info about your unnamed targets. Username search is useful as there are many people on the internet who use one handle. You can also refer to services, which aggregates job and company info.
Web Domain/IP Address
If you want to learn who owns a domain, it is simple, you can try searching for a service, which keeps a database of record of domain registration data, and you can search for it via some sites. Be aware; you will not be lucky every time to see whom the owner is.
As for IP address, you can search different tools to search databases, which gives info about IP address, where the person comes from. You may not get the exact physical address from it, but you can get the city and zip code.
IP address lookups can seem as dead-end for your search, but they are more of a start. If you dare enough to gather further info, you can use what you know to find out more. 

Where People Search Engine Services Come in?

That was a good read, right? Well, forgive us for putting every important details so straight forward that you believe you can do all this work by yourself. Seriously, do you really think doing a background check on anyone in United States can be as easy as we made it sound? Absolutely Not!
Therefore, unless you want to be in a living hell pulling off every important detail on your own, you need someone who specialize in these things, someone who has a vast experience for doing background check. USA People Search This site is information about people living in America.
This info comprises of address and phone numbers. In addition, we also care to cater social networking profiles with detailed observation information available via public record. All this to support a reconnect, to confirm an identity, or even to confirm trust in what someone does. Therefore, if you need to make a label or phone number which is not readily available or you low for detailed pipeline, you need USA People Search. Why? It is because this service a lot more than the above mentioned things to find someone.

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